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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Tips to Treat Bedbugs

Required Items

– Hot, soapy water
– Washer and dryer
– Insecticide approved for use on mattresses
– Heavy-duty black garbage bags
– Stiff-bristled scrub brush
– Vacuum with hose attachments


1. First of all, take all the infected material like pillows, bed linens, stuffed animals, clothing, or any other such material away and put them in a trash bag. Pour hot water into a washing machine and soak the infected material into the washer. Wash the material in hot water. Hot water is enough to kill the bedbugs, but still if you want to add any washing detergent, you can add it to washer. After washing the infected material, dry them on high heat.

2. You might have some fabrics items, which you cannot wash in the washer. Put them in trash bag and place the trash bag in direct sunlight or hot sunny place. If that is not possible then set the freezer temperature under -5 degrees Celsius and place the material in the freezer for at least five days.

3. The nest step is to deal with your room. You need to vacuum the mattress, box springs, chairs, corners and other cracks and holes with hose attachment. Vacuum will help you to loosen the bedbugs’ eggs. It is better to vacuum all the furniture present in the room to get rid off bedbugs. Remove all the drawers and other bed frames and vacuum them all and scrub them with hose attachment properly.

4. Bedbugs usually reside in the cracks and corners on the wall or in floor. So you need to be particular about these cracks and crevices. Properly vacuum the entire room with special focus on the corners, baseboards, cracks, and other such crevices which can be a home for bedbugs.

5. Take hot soapy water and clean the entire room as well the furniture with scrub brush. Do not let any thing untreated.

6. In the end, use insecticides to secure all the floors, walls, furniture and mattresses. Before using any insecticides read the instructions carefully to get the maximum results from it. .Removing bedbugs can be sometimes a lengthy process. You might to repeat the procedure for long time to completely get rid of them.


Tips to Cleaning Gutters

Cleaning gutters is important to prevent any leak. Certain tools and items are needed to clean the gutters with air. Following are given the list of tools and items required to clean gutter with air.

– Bucket
– Gloves
– Safety goggle
– Ladder
– Hardhat
– Garden hose
– Safety line
– Leaf blower


Some simple steps are given here to help the homeowners to clean their rain gutters with air.

1. Wear safety goggles, gloves and hardhat before starting your work.

2. Set up a ladder against the house reaching the top of the roof. You need a partner to hold the ladder firm while you work on the top. Ask your partner to wear hardhat, gloves and safety eyes goggles to prevent any injury.

3. You need a leaf blower. There are chances that it might slip from your hand, so to prevent it from falling down secure it with a ladder with a safety line. You also need a bucket secured to a ladder.

4. Now secure yourself with a safety harness to the chimney. Turn on the leaf blower while standing on the roof to blow the leaves, dirt and all sort of debris out of the gutter. After blowing, take the tiny leaves and dirt out with hand and put them in a bucket.

5. Take a garden hose and spray water into the gutter with some pressure to remove the rest of the dirt, leaves and other obstructive items. Make sure that the water is flowing through the gutter as well as downspout. If water is not flowing freely through downspout, clean them with drain snake. Again check the water flow.

Points to Remember

– Frequently clean the gutters in spring and fall season.
– You can install screen gutters to prevent the accumulation of leaves or other debris in the gutter.
– If air clean is not possible, use any other method to clean the gutters.