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Guide to Fix Plastic Rain Gutters

Required Items

– Plastic gutter kit
– Fine-toothed
– Electric screwdriver
– Chalk line
– Tape measure
– 2 ladders
– Carpenter’s level
– Saw
– Pencil
– Wood screws


1. You first need to mark the important points to fix the gutter and its brackets. Place the carpenter’s level near the corner of the roof in such a way that it should extend about 6 inches over the edge. Take a gutter bracket and place it against the flat strip or fascia. The top of the bracket must touch the bottom of the level. Take a pencil and install the fixing holes of the bracket. Similarly mark the holes on the other corner of the roof section.

2. Draw a line joining the two marked points. The line should be straight. Now measure the length of the roof section and draw another line in such a way that lowers it by 1/6 inch after every 10 feet of length.

3. Install the corner pieces on each side of the roof section with the help of provided screws and brackets.

4. Support brackets would be installed after every 36 inches in the direction of the length of the roof section.

5. Take an appropriate measurement about the length of the section between the corner pieces. This length will help to cut the exact length of the gutter to be installed between the two sections. Generally, gutters come in standard size of 10 feet sections. So you might have to cut the corner pieces of gutter to adjust them into the sections.

6. Install the gutters in the brackets. Now is the time to attach the end caps. In plastic gutters mostly the end caps tuck into the place without any tool.

7. Now connect an elbow to the corner of the section. This will help to attach the downspout with it. Attach a small piece of downspout (about 2 feet in length) that will go under the eaves. Later measure the length from top to bottom to have a proper length downspout. Install a downspout of entire length. To give it a support install brackets evenly placed against the wall. Install another elbow on the bottom corner of the downspout.

8. With this elbow attach a piece of downspout of about 5 feet length. This will drain the water away from the foundation of your home.

9. For each length of the roof, repeat the same process to install the plastic gutter.


– You cannot install plastic gutter alone. You need a partner to help you. So arrange a partner for you before begin you work.