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Guide to Hanging Lamp Shade

First, determine how much brightness you need in the room. Some hanging lamp shades are made with double lining or thicker which tend to cover more light. These can be made from a variety of materials such as cloth, silk, wood or glass. Wood and glass are not as flexible in terms of dimming but you may ask manufacturers to add a second layer or two if you choose cloth. Glass may also be colored to have the right brightness and a style that matches.

Identify the best shape that provides the right luminescence to the area. Standard hanging lamp shades usually have a wider lower rim compared to the top so light spreads out evenly. If you intend to put some mood in the atmosphere, there are other shapes as well such as a wider top rim that tapers into a narrower bottom. A plug in hanging lamp can also come with a globular shape, square and other geometric figures. The shape is basically determined by the hanging lamp shade and light will be projected accordingly as well.

Maintain the Shade

A hanging lamp shade can accumulate more dust and is more prone to the elements compared to others located on top of desks and walls. You need to maintain it well by dusting regularly at least once or twice a week. If there are metal, wood or glass components in the model, polish or wax it thoroughly at least once a month.

Ensure that the shade is securely attached to the frame and that there are no signs of deterioration, molds or rust. Cloth, silk and other fabrics can be brushed or washed with soap and water. Others may require dry or steam cleaning to avoid damage.

When ordering a product, ask the manufacturer if they would consider selling you more than one hanging lamp shade. Having one or two extra pieces will prolong the lifespan of your piece. You can choose to replace the shade after several months or once a year. Since most models are limited and sold only over a period of time, finalize a shipping agreement with the distributor or manufacturer.