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Tips to Clean Wood Floors

Required Items

– Cider vinegar or white vinegar
– Water
– Broom or vacuum cleaner
– Soft, absorbent cloths or mops
– Natural soap (olive oil soap)


1. Regular cleaning and vacuuming is necessary to keep your wood floor clean. Place a door mat outside the door and ask people to come in after cleaning their shoes on a door mat. If possible ask them to come in bare footed and removing shoes at the door.

2. Any kind of liquid or water is not good for wood floor. So, take care not to spill any liquid or water on the wood floor to avoid damage to it. If you get any spills of liquid wipe it immediately with soft absorbent cloth or paper towel.

3. A mixture of natural soap (olive oil soap) and water is the best option to clean and wash the unfinished wood floor. Always use the soft cloth to wash or clean the wood floors. Avoid any sort of puddles on the floor surface. Cider vinegar and water solution is another good way to wash the unfinished wood floors.

4. In case you have a finish on your floor, inspect which type of finish has you. It can be wax finish or a varnished, lacquered or polyurethane finished floor. If a small drop of water results in a whitish spot on the floor that means you have a wax finish. Otherwise you can have any of the other floor finish.

5. Floor with wax finish can simply clean with clean water and soft cloth. You can also apply wax on the damaged tattered area.

6. For floors have finishes other than wax, you can use 1/4 cup of white vinegar mixed in a quart of water with soft cloth. Soak the cloth with the solution and squeeze it as much as you can. Use it on the floor to clean the surface. This solution can also be used on unfinished wood floors. But you need to dry it as soon as you finished cleaning.


– To avoid any scratches and damage to floor, do not drag furniture or other heavy items on the floor. You can use any cloths or towels wrap against each leg or corner to shift it from one area to another.